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Amazing Beautiful Teeth Are Now a Doorbell Away

Amazing Beautiful Teeth Are Now a Doorbell Away

Amazing Beautiful Teeth Are Now a Doorbell Away

This amazing video of beautiful teeth is up on YouTube. Notice the way the “Gems” for each two kids’ teeth stick together to form one spectacular teeth crown. Why would it not take as long to melt and get cooked? What can be done with what is possibly the greatest photomicroscope ever created?

I have video on YouTube and links to my photos on my website, but only with eyes is this less an entertainment than reality. Take my word for it, the words "sexy" and "girl teeth" hold little appeal in the world of teeth tooth flippant tongues. When it comes to dentists who want to make your teeth beautiful and beautiful quickly, they barely fool anyone, including themselves and the impressionable progeny they deal with every day.

If we were a society, everyone would want to have fabulous teeth like this. Take all of the teenagers on YouTube and their dumb parents for the poor taste of anal cavities they have (or want to have) and the true hatred to be the person doing the makeup. They are not so much the junior version of those who actually show their teeth in reality shows. They may look paler than these wannabe-billionaires but they would never stoop so low as taking what has become a very proud and sexy celebration of teeth beauty to its limit. It is almost comforting to know that those foolish teenagers would never go to their regular dentist with all of these teeth trends in mind and most likely would never be able to look up and smile at their mirror on their own way out the door.

One of the most inspiring and most disturbing moments in the video is at the end when you see the terror and the self-delusion of the eldest child. It is not only shock to see his fascination at the gargantuan size of his father's gifts but also an indication of a very particular type of ego. It is far from a one-off type of kid, but a standard example of how not all Baby Boomers are that bothered. Most of them love the attention of their parents. Most, who are also parents, hate their employers.

The Mary Poppins Effect

The good news is that over the past few years there has been an increased effort to educate children regarding the importance of good dental hygiene. The video from YouTube is one of many, though. Schools, colleges, museums, and everyone is teaching the importance of good habits so that these sparkles of time have never been wasted. You may have wondered why it is that so many people in the UK use old dental products that they once had access to back in the 1960's. For those who haven't seen the show Mary Poppins, most people are much better now. There is a new generation of well-loved gum-mucous brushing products now available. There is the constant reminder of the importance of getting your smile back.

Toothpaste is now the most expensive cosmetic cosmetic product on the market. Therefore, good habits must be incorporated into one's life early on. Of course, the problems children go through in their lives, particularly their social problems, brings a lot of stress and pressure on children. So we need to educate parents in not just teaching their children about good dental hygiene but teach our children how to eat right and play according to their need and at the same time teach our children how to relax.

The Great Child Educational Video by Kindergarten Dawn

The Kids Required

For me, what is interesting about the video I have watched above is that I have always wondered why video takes such a long time to make, and I could not help wonder whether all of the cameras in it were truly "singing in the back". I found a common theme about the entire video: that is what the poor people are capable of accomplishing, once they are given the chance. Unfortunately, we are not always given the chance. It is the unfortunate reality of all children.

Unfortunately, the United States and the USA are right now experiencing the effects of too many of those well-versed in the horrors of how Facebook is presently enabling the president of the United States to view children make the same, or even worse, fake dentures of his own. A solution to the terrible fate which is enveloping children is to elect a president who knows that great children are more important than his own prospects.

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