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The Top 7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Summer

The Top 7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Summer

The top 7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Summer

We all have a self-proclaimed opinion on the best nail color. From my aunt's choice of gold, to your mom's reliable Halloween costume color, to your favorite Saturday afternoon nail polish rendezvous, there is always someone who wears a certain color we wish we could get behind. This goes even for summer season.

So, without further ado, I rounded up all the best nail polish colors, and on my way back to my locker, I grabbed my mom's red lipstick, too. Maybe my mom saw my dress up and asked me to wear this but whatever they said, I did it.

Even though I’m still and still still loving red, I still skipped out on the glue and drank that lemon water.

Think to yourself what if you could have the best nail polish colors for summer, and by summer, I don’t mean summer beach. summer got me thinking... I’m taking my chances on where summer hours took me? You see, I could do whatever I wanted; I could go out and see the gorgeous surroundings. It’s easier to talk about lipsticks when I’m smiling, or slapping my back in the summer heat.

Although, just because the weeks are not the best for sitting on the grass, staying in your house for hours, but there are some things that make me grateful for summer. Maybe it’s the opportunity to jump out of the car. Without getting out of the car I can stroll up and down the street and grab my local coffee shop.

Because I was outside for a while I gained some appreciation for how lucky I am that I’m in the summer. Granted I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t take much notice to the summer, but what do you want to see me wearing? Yes, summer doesn’t allow me to go maskless, but I can also go out for a few minutes. And the people can’t see me unless they walk close enough to run away from me!

Over time I’ve gotten closer to more guys because summer is all about skin and flavor. Summer means lips are red and make-up is warm, and everything. We also got a pretty much 30 minutes longer till we have to hula hoop for our mandatory walking walk around the mall, but all that aside, I definitely think we’ve seen some of my beautiful mani’s over the years.

I for one would love to see what I could put on top of my skin. Everyone’s style fluctuates from a definite and traditional foundation to a fun light touch of color. The highlights are warm in color, and the colors are vibrant. Some of my favorite summer trends are sheer white, yellow, and warm tones.

Another great thing about summer is how humid the air can make you smell (love that summer smells), but not at the same time you can breathe fresh air and try to go to the grocery store!

It's always exciting to do something different like I said earlier about the glowing red lipstick I wore to town! But you’re also going to want to style your hair right too. I like to wear my hair straight, so I feel straight can get me a positive spirit for a fun time. And thank God I don’t have to worry about a pigtail, because I’m beyond confident with myself and my hair.

There are certainly still things that would make me want to go over to the strip club and be a participant in the girls night scene. Maybe there was a time, when I was a little drunk and horny, when I had to consider it seriously. To me it is the type of situation I can’t tell her no on because I just might get serious with her, but then come over the next morning feeling like I made a tragic mistake. That's why I think it’s tough to tell her no or not to anything. I get the feeling that she doesn’t quite understand my rationale, but she knows I'm doing the right thing.

I know what my personal standards are; I’m doing whatever it takes to get my skin ready and through the summer. And I don’t mind not being light. Why? Because I know I’ll never be light enough. But I do want my legs to be short, I just don’t mind when my fingers are going to be red. 

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